Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Alnatura Pesto Basilico

Company: Alnatura
Product: Pesto Basilico (Organic)
Ingredients: organic basil (55%), organic sunflower oil, organic potato flakes, organic olive oil, organic pine nuts (0.5%), sea salt, organic lemon juice.
Purchased at: DM
Price: (will update this later)

I've been perusing DM's natural foods selection, and slowly I'll try to make it through every item suitable for vegans and in line with my personal taste (expectations). I've tried a few items, but since I bought this just yesterday, I'll let it be the first!

This pesto tastes precisely what pesto should taste like. It's finely minced, oily, salty, and has a strong 'umami' (is umami a noun or an adjective at this point?). The pine nuts, while not in themselves noticeable, must do their job well, as the pesto has a delicious, satisfying multidimensional flavor. I was quite impressed at the first taste, as it tastes much like my memory of my mom's fancy $14/tiny jar pesto she used to buy at an upscale store in Pacific Place in Seattle, which by the way, wasn't vegan. But I very much don't miss the cheese in Alnatura's pesto, and will be buying it regularly from now on, as the price is right and pesto pasta is such a simple but tasty meal.

The potato flakes are a bit odd, but I've no complaints on the principle of the thing like some reviewers on the website. Also, the use of sunflower oil instead of olive oil seems a shame, but I can't complain about the flavor. 

Will buy often.
Would recommend.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sweet and Salty Raspberry Hazelnut Butter Cups

My grandmother emigrated from Germany to North America when she was 18. She had a pretty interesting childhood, as she born in Munich in 1940 and continued to live in Munich for the aftermath of the war. I've heard a lot of her stories over the years, such as how the apartment next door was destroyed in an air-raid, and how she and the other kids would beg American soldiers for "cheving" gum.